7 Dec 2012

Mastering day

On the 28th of November morning I headed to audio mastering studio of Chartmakers in the center of Helsinki. As usual, I arrived too early and as it was horribly cold and windy morning spent almost one hour reading music magazines in a local library. The librarian was a nice person as he played Jethro Tull as a quiet background music(!).

At 10 o'clock I stepped in to the (always) friendly and cosy atmosphere of the studio. Stibe was already there and Jartsa and Teemal joined us later on. Svante Forsb├Ąck came soon and said apologies because we had to wait few minutes before he had finished one earlier Rammstein-related work (cool!).

Svante has mastered our two first albums too and he knew soon what to do with the mix we brought. Most of the work done by masterers is like magic - something is done and miracles happen while an average band player does not have any kind of idea what's happening.
In the final mix of Dark Half Rising, Svante had to do some work with low frequencies which were a bit unbalanced. It was also nice to hear that the most spikiest parts in the frequencies vanished.

The session was ready just before 4 p.m. Next: The files will go to Massacre Records who will start the work with the production and promotion.

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