14 Nov 2012

Pea Island photo session

On last Saturday afternoon we had a photo session for 'Dark Half Rising'. The dark half had risen indeed, it's November and during this time of year Helsinki is sinking to dark which is darker than darkness.

Before the actual session we gathered at Jartsa's home, where our talented make-up artists Kirsi-Marja and Riikka (thanks girls!) had a tough job putting us make-up. See, some guys at Unshine need a lot of pink powder before they can be brought in to light. Nice session took some time and we killed time by watching Rammstein DVD and having one or two glasses of cardbox red wine. The make-up girls told us not to drink too much of it, as the heat generated by alc..something turns cheeks red and we definitely did not want to look like Snow White and 4 giant red-nose dwarfs.

After two hours we took a taxi to Hernesaari (free translation: Pea island), where photo studio of Valtteri Hirvonen was waiting. The place is quite odd, it's otherwise quite quiet harbour area, but it has also pier for cruiser ships to Estonia & Russia. The big boats shined on the other side of the bay. It was pretty atmospheric.

Valtteri was the man who took also the band photos for our last album, so he knew what to expect. The photo session went very smoothly, Valtteri is a real professional and the whole shooting went very efficiently thanks to him plus again to Kirsi-Marja who took care of the make-up etc.

Check out our FB and Flickr pages for the pictures, the actual studio pics will be naturally released as the album comes out. Cheers!

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