27 May 2009

Pt. 6: Klaipeda

Bus driver = superman. 5800 km. There's nothing more to add. Superman.

Fridge from hell.

Klaipeda is a beautiful, relatively large city on the shore of Baltic Sea.

When we came to the venue, construction workers and electricians were finalising the interior, dust was settling down and later in the evening UNSHINE played as the first band ever there!

Madness & insanity!!!

21 May 2009

Pt. 5: Warsaw

The stage of Progresja was the biggest on tour.

Yo man!

The beast and the beauty.

The beauty and the basist.

Progresja also had the largest backstage we've ever seen.

17 people in a same bus for 8 days = inhumanity.

Pt. 4: Prague

In Prague temperature was pretty high but we soon found out that we are not going to suffer from dehydration.

Czech sausages rule!

Our name is still written smaller than Jethro Tull's...

On the road, sleep wherever there is a possibility to do so!

Soundcheck at Bunkr, a great club for playing, tube-like walls must be at least from medieval times, atmospheric & mystic!

11 May 2009

Pt. 3: Berlin

Approaching Berlin (at this time, temperature in the back of the bus reached mythical numbers, +45C).

Berlin - schnitzel heaven.

Jartsa at the gate of Knaack (Berlin - döner kebap heaven).

Building musical towers at Knaack.

The running order (Berlin - female-fronted music heaven).

Pt. 2: Frankfurt (Oder)

Girls on the road!

Boys on the road!

The backstage at Gewölbe was so good that it has grown almost mythical in our memories. Meat soup had so much meat that there was hardly space for 1 potato and 1/2 carrot.

On the way to Berlin: Stibe and Teemal are waiting for the german truck driver breakfast.

4 May 2009


Hi! This is the first writing in the official blog of druid metal band UNSHINE. Welcome! We've just returned from our 1st European tour named 'Female Fronted Rock-Metal Tour' (alias moukku tour 2009) with For Selena And Sin & Manzana. Here are some pictures. Löysät pois!!

From Helsinki to Berlin to Lubbenau.

Green grass & lard-coloured rockers from Finland.

Stibe & summer & Lubbenau.

Susanna & summer & Lubbenau.

Annika sneezing & Martti playing hippie music.

The routines of a tour day include arriving...

...setting up the equipment...

...the local girls waiting for the band...


...vocal exercises...

...mixing (Jussi is the man)...

...sightseeing after local pecularities...


...some sleeping...

...and travelling to the next target (with some moukutus).