13 Jun 2010

The 3rd album studio diary Part IV: 24.5. - 28.5.2010

Few words from the rhythm section...

At the end of April we had done lots of practising and arrangement for the songs of the upcoming record. I got backing tracks with rhythm guitars from Harri to check them out even more spesific. Well, as a conclusion no bigger chances were going to be done for drumlines.

For this conclusion I did some recordings with my own demo setup and listened them carefully. I contacted Jasse from D-studio (Klaukkala Finland) and nailed last nails on coffin of my own --> booked studio dates on last week of may. Oh dear. ; ) So I had over a month for training but it was not possible to commitment everything for training.

I had to take care of my job and I also had problems with my right hand. Even now while writing thing this my right forearm is bit sore. Reason for that might be drumming, even I'm all the time practising my hand technique, or so damn hard job sitting on office chair and using mouse on my right arm. Please, some sympathy. ; )

Despite of this, got some training done and day before recordings would begin I loaded drums on wheels and headed towards Klaukkala. Klaukkala, small town 30 km from Helsinki in the middle of... wehell... I don't know is it in middle of anything. We (me and my drumset) arrived to studio and I think it was band called Amoth recording their bass and quitar sections for their album. Looked like they did not need any help for their session so I started to screw my drumset up on stage "where all the magic happens". Or what do they say...

Next day I arrived to studio in the morning. As playful as I am, I was thinking of cycle to studios. As playful as "someone" is, it was raining like "something" and I took buss to studios. Jasse had miked drumset and almost tuned it ready for soundcheck. Only snare drum was going to need some tuning. We made also hard decision between Tama birch snare and 70's Slingerland COB snare. "The last one it is" we thought after some recording.

Rest of the day went with soundchecking and some real recordings. If I recall correctly we got recorded "WWW", "Defender", "Arduinna" and "Horses" (work titles). On next day, or evening to be more spesific, was going to be more recordings and Harri pushing recording button in monitoring room. Talking about hard jobs? ; ) Me and my really tolerant recorders ; ) got everything done in two days and two evenings. On last day Jasse did some drum editing and checked out everything was okay for guys to start recording guitars during the summer. While Jasse was doing his job I was sitting behind him and ripping my ears of while listening my drumming and also checking everything was okay.

Jasse is true professional and everything went fine in studios. Always during the recording session you get feeling you could have been prepared better, but I personally think it's part of learning this instrument (drums) and music making in generally. I'm exited to hear guitars and other stuff when it's done. Aren't you? ´Well, hold your "Horses" mystical druid process is on it's way... ; )

BR Stibe

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