9 Nov 2009

The 3rd album studio diary Part I: 31.10. - 24.11.2009

Hi, this is the first part of the diary, where I write about UNSHINE's forthcoming third album.

These are my personal sightings and notes written at our studio in the ancient and misty backwoods (can you hear the banjos?:)) somewhere in southern Finland, but who knows, maybe somebody else from our band will write at some point (hopefully yes, because it would be too boring to read only my writings)? To your delight (or not), I might also put some other material (pics etc.) on the line.

Hope you do enjoy this diary!!



31.10.2009. Before our gig in Billnäs (probably our last this year), I decided to make some adjustments to a very slooooow song with which I've been working with for a couple of days now in my home studio. Originally, the song was meant to sound a bit like Jimmy Page & Co, but when we tried it on rehearsals, it was kinda ok, but I thought that it won't fit the overall structure of the album in this form...

And, for heaven's sake, we don't have a REEEAAALLL doom song so far, I noticed to my horror. Well, this will fix the situation sure!

Although the lyrical concept of the song is clear to, me, I've managed to write only half of the verses so far. It's also very disturbing that the first verse was actually born very painlessly (already in 2007, before the release of our previous album). So, there's some brain work to do now.

Guitar parts, which I managed to make today, sounded very gloomy and rich, good then!

1.11. Great gig yesterday at Billnäs. Girls and guys of the two other bands (Soulgrind & Foxy Flammable), the organisers and the crowd were very nice and friendly and the atmosphere of the whole evening (including beautiful moonlight) was very timeless, very very halloween-ish, or kekri-sh, as we'd say and refer to our old and traditional, sadly quite forgotten, harvest time festival!

Timeless moonshine over Billnäs & unshine.

Starshine on mirror!

We are obviously about to see Teemal's moonshine very soon!

Stibe delivered our brand new video "My King" to MySpace and YouYube. Toni Salminen (director) and Stibe have made great work with the whole thing. I really really like this final version and yep, it is actually our first decent video!

4.11. Again I'm stuck with the "environmental doom song". Guitars on the choruses and in the end are good, but verses have oddly started to suck (within my mind).

Around 8 p.m. I suddenly saw the first snow this autumn falling down from the sky. At the same moment, I felt that I had found the one and only solution to the verses. The dark autumn evening and the song melted in to each other. Also, the end part of the song has now this very odd and light part on it, but I guess it could not be more perfect there. It's there, I'm happy!

8.11. Today I was watching Anthony Bourdain (the best travelling eater) on TV and sitting on my sofa trying to develop the lyrics to the doom song. I finally managed to write a decent verse! We'll try this nature doom song now on thursday's rehearsals. If writing in English is sometimes this difficult, I can not imagine what it would be like to write lyrics in Finnish, all my respect to those artists...

11.11. The basic structure and lyrics for the song (that meant to be the last song on the forthcoming album) done now! Hard to describe what it's going to sound like, definitely something really new for us. It seems that we have to try this song too in the next rehearsals at Helsinki. Just sad that the band people are now quite heavily under influenza, so we had to cancel tomorrow's rehearsals and try again on monday. We also decided not to do a proposed gig in Riihimäki on December, as we really have to concentrate on the album rehearsals.

16.11. Since the last time, I've done quite a lot of creational work for the last song on the forthcoming album. We had the (instrumental) rehearsals today, which were FULL work. Teemal had organised a doom metal evening (DOOOMSTOCK) on saturday and the boys were still partially recovering from that experience.;)

We went through the environmental doom song plus the supposedly-the-last-song, which, to my surprise, had actually a very tricky part on it. Even I (as the composer) could not open one certain rhytm part before the verse of the song. In the end, we somehow figured it out, but nobody was sure how. On the way home, through rainy Helsinki, I suddenly realised that the part was on 7/4-rhytm. Well, problem solved.

19.11. Rehearsals went pretty well, although 7/4 seems to represent a higher level of arithmetics for us.;)

21.11. A visit to the dear relatives at Southern Ostrobothnia (Pohojammaa). On there, I suddenly found out that Swallow the Sun & Amorphis will have a gig at Rytmikorjaamo in Seinäjoki tonight, cool! So, visit to there had to be done. Plus we played there last time with Amorphis (those guys were really nice fellas)! Good gigs from the both bands (well, what else can you expext from them?).

StS on stage in Seinäjoki, November 2009.

24.11. I had to take my new Schecter to Lottonen Guitars repairs, as I have not previously done any finer adjustments to it. See you soon.

Schecter Classic C-1.

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